Respectfully submitted by

William W. “Bill” Gardiner MSES*, LWA*

Master of Science of Environmental Sciences
Licensed Water Analyst, State of Georgia

Dear Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth,

I strongly endorse the prevention and treatments developed in Cuba and passed on to us by Dr. Babs Onabanjo, following in the thread. Drinking freshly squeezed lemon or lime in tolerable hot water is alkalinizing. I also advocate taking ½ to a full teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate shortly before bedtime and well after the last meal (that is, fasting). My personal experience with recovering from the avian flu I contracted early this month is below.

All coronavirus research studies to date show that cell fusion between the virion (the infectious virus particle) and the host cell membrane requires an acidic environment in the extracellular compartment of the infected tissue.

My personal experience with the avian flu this month

On February 25 this year I returned from Washington D.C. after briefing fifteen Congressional staffs in part with the important work being done by NASA HEOMD and specifically by TRISH on health issues of general interest and application. A member of our team was symptomatic and stayed out on our second day.

Upon return to Atlanta two days later I became symptomatic with a sore throat and oral temperature of 100.8. I was able to make an appointment with my family physician practice on 2/28/20. I was positive for the avian “A” coronavirus.  The PA and doctor gave me a couple of face masks and  a Tamiflu prescription. I isolated myself from others at home and work and did a low carbohydrate (<50 g a day) hot tea/coffee/bone broth fast.

On the following Sunday my oral temperature had dropped to 97.6 C (my normal), my fasting morning urine pH was  7.26 (I had taken 1tsp of sodium  bicarbonate as I do most nights and drank2-3 cups of fresh  cut limes squeezed  in alkaline water or seltzer water)  and the sore throat had cleared. On Monday I made an appointment with the same physician, Dr. Nicholas Duchemin originally  from Haiti on Tuesday March 2.  I tested negative and was told I was free to resume my normal activities.  I told the doctor what I had done beyond the mask and Rx and he said “Brilliant!” I said to him, “You’re brilliant, too.” So that was recovery from symptom to clearance in six days, from diagnosis to clearance in  four days.

These are the steps Dr. Babs posted as prevention and cure:

  1. Soak a face towel in boiling water, squeeze and place on your face to cover your nose and breathe in the steam, repeat as many times. The steam will destroy the virus within the nose track. Repeat at least twice a day.
  2. Cut a lemon and pour hot water, sip and enjoy, repeat twice daily.
    3. Take Vitamin C supplements and or eat fruits, garlic to boost your immune system.
    4. Wash your hands and use sanitizer frequently.
    5. Keep at least six feet distance to avoid close contact.
    6. Do not shake hands, use the elbow to greet.
    7. Exercise regularly to keep fit. (In house exercise is recommended or walking)
    8. Cover your mouth when coughing.
    9. Keep good hygiene.
    10. Stay alive and be safe. If you have the disease interferon Alpha 2B is recommended for effective treatment. (Cuba Medical Profession)

This is what Bill adds:

  1. Check saliva and urine pH with pH strips (sold for this purpose at health food stores and herbalists) while fasting in the evening and morning. If urine or saliva  pH is <6.5 in the morning, then begin taking a measuring teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (I use Bob’s Red Mill baking soda since it is from a natural source). Repeat daily.

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