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“Newsweek reported that thousands of people said whoever gets AIDS deserves to have AIDS and literally suffer all the physical pain that the virus carries — AIDS is God’s response to this repulsive practice and God’s way of purging society of these undesirables.”

When Newsweek commemorated its 25th Anniversary of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with a special report: “AIDS was unfathomable in 1981, when the U. S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) published its now famous report describing the deaths of five Gay men in Los Angeles from a rare form of pneumonia.  The lethal new virus that terrorized the U. S. Gay community that summer has since transformed the world, our culture, and our lives.  Some 25 million men, women and children have died; 40 million more are now infected, and the plague is still expanding.” This Newsweek article was published in 2006.  Twenty-Five thousand, (25,000) Gay Americans died from this virus, before President Reagan’s White House responded to the plea by the CDC.

Recollecting the AIDS virus historic event, what are the implications TODAY?

The first implication: Is God saying those dying deserve to die because of the deceased repulsive lifestyles? (Today, more than ever, we should see the fallacy in this logic – or any logic that would paint God as a mass murderer of populations who are different!)

The second implication: Are we seeing a re-enactment of “delayed” humanity in response to a humanitarian crisis?

TODAY, in the USA, the news media reports that there are 100,000 known coronavirus cases and 600,000 cases worldwide since first reports in December 2019 – NYC hospitals are ordering trucks to contain the overflow of dead bodies.  The USA is still facing shortages of masks, ventilators and emergency gear – in response this week, General Motors Corporation, was ordered by the White House to “retrofit” to mass produce ventilators that the CDC warned “months ago” are needed to save lives.  The news media are also reporting that some patients without healthcare are not being seen, posing contamination threats and the spread of the disease.

Knowing the facts, when you vote in November, vote for “policy” and a “White House” presence devoted to respond to science, to health crises, to environmental crises, to mass violence, to poverty – response beyond the almighty dollar.  Remember, best articulated by the governor of New York – the two — humanity and economy — are NOT mutually exclusive – the two can co-exist.  Remember today in November — VOTE.

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