Traveling with my son has been one of the most amazing experiences so far! Our first trip by airplane was to NYC!

I’ll have to admit that our first flight together was a disaster. We missed our flight because the TSA line was all the way to Timbuktu! Lucky we were able to reschedule to the next flight out at no charge; but we had a 3 hour delay. They put us in First Class seats which was amazing. Now we’re winning!

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Here are some tips to avoid missing a flight with your toddler:

Step 1: Remember to check in early — Most airlines allow a 24 hour check in window;

Step 2: Always arrive at the airport at least 3 hours early;

Step 3: Be sure to have your ID, passport, child’s birth certificate, and credit cards available at all times;

Step 4: Check all baggage, strollers, or car seats outside before entering inside the airport — to avoid having to carry so much inside;

Step 5: When arriving at the TSA line, be sure to utilize the family/stroller line — speeding up the process to get closer to your terminal; and

Step 5: Most importantly, be prepared and organized. It will save you a huge headache!

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